Astar Network — Frequently Asked Questions By New Community Members.


My name is Toga Mamora.

I am the Growth Manager of Astar Network. I am writing this article to help everyone find the answers to their questions easily and so that I do not have to repeat the same answer 50 times in a day.

First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank all of you for being part of the Astar family. We are still early, there is a long road ahead of us. It may be choppy and smooth. We are all in this together.

So, lets start the FAQ.

How do I see my Astar crowdloan rewards?

  1. Connect the Polkadot.js wallet that you used for the crowdloan to Astar Portal.

2. Please allow the wallet to be used on any chain.

3. Please allow website access

4. Click Connect

5. Select Polkadot.js

6. Select the wallet that you want to connect

7. On the left column, make sure you are connected to Astar Network

8. You are now connected and should be able to see your ASTR balance.

If you are still not connected by following all the steps above, you may want to try these:

  1. Use VPN. I come to know that some regions are restricted. I don’t know why.
  2. If you accidentally selected Local Network, clear cache, cookies, restart browser and try to connect again.
  3. Use incognito mode or try another browser.
  4. If you have other extension, Talisman, Clover, please revoke access.

My transferrable balance is less than 10%, what should I do?

  1. On your portal dashboard, click on “unlock vested tokens”

2. Or, you can also do this on Polkadot.js web app.

Where is ASTR listed?

  1. Huobi
  2. Kraken
  3. Gate
  4. Okex
  5. Bkex Global

More exchanges will come. Be aware that ASTR is not listed on any ETH or BSC dexs such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap. If you find one, it is 9999% a scam.

There will be dexs that will launch on ASTR e.g Polkaex and Arthswap, and ASTR will get listed there.

How to send ASTR from exchanges to Polkadot.js wallet?

  1. Create Polkadot.js browser extension wallet.
  2. Save the seed phrase and json file.
  3. On the Display Address Format, select Astar. If you cannot see Astar, Plasm would do. Plasm is the old name of Astar; both have the same address format.

3. It should now display the ASTR address. Withdraw ASTR tokens from exchanges to this address.

ASTR address

Or …

  1. Connect Polkadot.js wallet to Astar Portal
  2. Copy the Native ASTR address.
  3. Send ASTR to this address.
Exchanges only accept withdrawal to native ASTR address.

Can I withdraw ASTR from exchanges to Metamask?

No, you cannot!

What is ASTR total supply?

7 billion.

What is ASTR circulating supply?

At the time of writing, the circulating supply is around 8.77%, which is 614,000,000 ASTR.

Token allocation

Can I stake the locked and vested tokens?

  1. 100%, you can! Please wait for staking to be live on the 20th Jan 2022.
  2. ASTR tokens need to be on Polkadot.js to be able to stake

How to stake?

  1. Go to
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Go to dapp staking
  4. Choose a pool and stake. All pools are giving the same APR.

Can I send ASTR tokens from Polkadot.js to Metamask?

You can.

But sending to Metamask does not mean sending it to Ethereum chain. You are just sending it to the EVM environment since Astar supports both EVM and WASM.

To interact with dApps that are built on EVM, you need ASTR to be on EVM.

Use this Custom RPC on Metamask

Network: Astar
Chain ID: 592
Symbol: ASTR

For the rest of the guide, please read this TUTORIAL. It was written for SDN, but the method is the same for ASTR.

Can I send ASTR from Metamask to exchanges?

No, you cannot!

I participated in lockdrop with ledger but I cannot access my ASTR tokens.

Please stay tuned. We already have the solution and we are removing some bugs now.

So far, these are the most frequently asked questions on Discord. If I find more questions, I will update this article.

Thanks for reading!!




Bag of money or bag of wisdom? I take the money. One takes what he doesn't have.

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Toga Mamora

Toga Mamora

Bag of money or bag of wisdom? I take the money. One takes what he doesn't have.

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