What wallet should I use to store SDN (Shiden Network) tokens?

Hi, my name is Toga Mamora. I am the Ambassador of Astar/Shiden Network. I came across many newbies in the Polkadot ecosystem and have no idea what wallet is good to use to store SDN tokens. Today, I am going to write an explanation on how things work.

**Update 1.0: You can find the new method HERE.

Shiden Network supports both EVM and WASM therefore the tokens can be used in 2 different environments. Use Metamask if you want to interact with EVM Dapps, or use Polkadot.js when you want to interact with WASM Dapps in the future and also Dapp staking.

First of all, let’s understand this diagram.

SDN wallets flow chart

The summary is simple.

  1. You can’t send SDN from H160 (Metamask) address to exchanges because exchanges do not support EVM call.

Lets start with Polkadot.js

To create a Polkadot.js wallet;

  1. Download the browser extension at https://polkadot.js.org/extension.
Create a new wallet
Save the password!
SDN wallet address

Mobile Wallet (Math Wallet for Android)

Please watch this Youtube video tutorial: Math Wallet


I assume most of you already have a Metamask extension account. Now, let’s create a new RPC settings for Shiden.

Network: Shiden
RPC: https://rpc.shiden.astar.network:8545
Chain ID: 336
Symbol: SDN
Explorer: https://blockscout.com/shiden

If that RPC doesnt work, try this instead, by OnFinality

  1. Network Name: Shiden

The other RPC option is using Bware Labs

  1. Go to https://app.bwarelabs.com and click "Launch App".

Copy the RPC endpoint and create custom RPC on Metamask.

  1. Network Name: Shiden

**Update: You can now send from Polkadot.js to Metamask and vice versa using this new method. Please check this article here.

Sending SDN from Polkadot.js (SS58) to Metamask (H160)

This process is quite straight forward.

  1. Convert your Metamask H160 address to SS58 format at https://polkatools.hoonkim.me/

You can now interact with EVM contracts e.g. Kwikswap, Polkaex etc.

Converting H160 address to SS58

Sending SDN from Metamask to Polkadot.js

This is a 2-step process.

  1. Sending SDN from Metamask to the EVM module.

Step 1

  1. Convert your Polkadot.js SS58 address to H160 format at https://polkatools.hoonkim.me/
Converting SS58 address to H160

Step 2

  1. Your SDN is now located in the EVM module.
EVM call on Polkadot.js

Now that you have your SDN back in Polkadot.js wallet, you can send it to the exchanges, participate in Dapp staking on Astar Portal or interact with WASM dapps.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to those who are new to Shiden Network.

Good luck and stay safe. Don’t get rugged!

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